Wed·ding /ˈwediNG/ noun: EXPENSIVE!

If you know one thing about weddings it’s that they are expensive. Not anymore! DIY LA Bride is a creative studio and pop shoppe designed for couples with affordability in mind. Our goal is to prepare you to plan, organize, and execute your wedding using the same tools as the pros. We provide you with specialty decor items and access to local vendors in your price range. We believe in teaching brides through creative DIY workshops led by experts so that as a community we can help one another achieve a beautiful day to be proud of. Grab your bridesmaids and let's get to work!


We support the self starters in the wedding industry and connect them with budget savvy brides. Our local vendors are either new to the industry and charge accordingly or offer packages suited for all budgets. So don't be shy, tell us that you don't want to spend a lot of money, we will not ignore you.