Budgets- Who What When Where Why & How


Hello Lover! Starting to plan your big day? How exciting! What’s your budget?

If that offended you, keep reading. It’s time to get comfortable with dropping the B word everywhere you go. Seriously, this is thrown around left and right in the wedding industry. Some brides hate it, some are all over it and some think they'll be fine if they just spend with caution. If that is you, no girl! Stop what you are doing and let’s breakdown the importance of the B word with basics- the 5 W’s.

Who. Who needs to know your budget? Everyone! This will be a question at the top of every vendor's list. If you are not prepared with a plan you are setting yourself up for a sure-fire way to make your wedding dreams a far stretch from your wedding reality. Never been good with budgets? This may be an expensive time to learn. Don't risk it! If you need help, seek it. Want to dive deeper? Attend our Wedding Planning Workshop.

What. What is a budget? Think of it as your wedding bible, your rule book, your go to, user manual, you get the idea. Your budget is going to have the final say and a lot of the major decisions are based on what's in the budget. Some people think that everything is decided by the bride but it’s secretly the budget.  As you get down to the wire a common question will be, “Is there room in the budget?” Figure it out now and live by it or you’ll be sorry.


When. First thing first! And the first thing is budget. Start this now! You can find blank templates that have suggested percentages of what you should spend and adjust it to your needs. My favorite free and user friendly template is on Google Sheets. If you have any questions or if you are searching for guidance with DIY Planning, take a look at my Services and contact me for help.

Where. Where to start? Start by determining your priorities and what is most valuable to you. What do you want most out of the day? Next, figure out the source of funds.  These two things will determine your wedding reality.  Keep it real and give yourself some cushion or you’ll be disappointed in the long run.

Why. Here’s why; you can’t get a reliable quote without first giving a vendor your price range. Who wants to spend all day considering features or services that they’ll never get? Not me! It happens all the time, “I’m reaching out to vendors first then I will set budgets.” Or, “I have no idea what I’m supposed to spend.” I get it, but trust me, that is working backwards. Don’t do that! Only spend what you can and be realist. Don’t waste your time or a vendor’s time.Want to find affordable LA vendors? Fill out this contact form and your information will be sent to our favorite local wedding professionals.

And How. A few surefire ways to budget success;  be confident and get comfortable with whatever your budget is, this is not a time to fake it till you make it. It’s ok if you can’t afford certain things. Work with vendors that can give you what you need. There are plenty of vendors with budget-friendly pricing. Find them here!  Another great tip, be nice. Oh Lawd! I can’t believe I even have to say this! But just like you screen vendors, we screen clients. This is a time for love and happiness, exude that everywhere you go. Lastly, budget for a planner. Find someone that has different levels of services with price points that will match what you need. You will not regret getting guidance from a pro, even if it just a little.