We started in the wedding industry with a vintage rental company. Today, we offer our most popular vintage pieces mixed with modern wedding staples that we've collected throughout the years. Our rental process is designed a little differently. Visit our Rental Page to read more.


Want to know the secret to a DIY wedding? It's help. Get as much of it as you can! Brides for Brides is an affordable option for you to get extra helping hands on your wedding day. I guarantee you will need all the help you can get. Brides on a budget normally skip this step-big mistake. If you are willing to help others for some help in return this is for you. You will first be the set of helping hands for a local DIY bride on her day. With pre-set instructions and a day of timeline, you will know exactly what to do. In exchange, you will have a bride-to-be help you on your big day. Rest assured that you will get some solid help with our satisfaction guarantee. We promise you will be relieved that you booked this. 
The service charge is $50 per assistant (minimal travel charges may apply) and you can have up to two assistants (yes, this means you help at two weddings).Want to hear more about this program and our satisfaction guarantee? Contact us today and request a brouchure.



DIY WEDDING Planning Program

Our DIY Wedding Planning program bridges the gap between hiring a planner and doing it yourself. If you are certain you do not need a planner, this is a must! I will guide you through planning your wedding using the same tools as the pro's. Set up and manage your to-do list, vendors, guest list (and more) on your own, just like a planner would. Ignore the nay-sayers, you can totally plan your own wedding and we will show you how.  This has been streamlined for you so you can ditch the three ring binder and not search through hundreds of "the best free templates" online.
I will create online account with professional planning tools and give you full access so you can run the show. We will complete a site visit together so I can fully understand the layout and your vision. I will check in with you along the way to make sure you are on track with all your tasks and guide you to ensure things are being planned correctly. Doing all the work is up to you, but my tools and resources are with you every step of the way. So if you are confident that you and your village want to accept this challenge, start here. Plans start at $125. Fill out our contact form to request a brochure for more details.


Education is a must if you want to successfully DIY anything. You do not need to dedicate your life, but you will need practice. Online tutorials are great, but sometimes you need a real person to talk to. Our professional wedding vendors are here to help you achieve your goals with success. Group discounts are available, so grab your bridesmaids and treat them to a fun night of creating. Visit our Events page for more information.