Are you tired of working from home and crowded coffee shops? Are you meeting your clients at public places that do not leave a great first impression? Is it 2 in the afternoon and you are still in your yoga pants? It's time for a change! I am pleased to now offer Shoppe Share, an exclusive option for creatives who need a work space outside of their home and public places.

Our creative studio and prop shoppe is a cozy place full of inspiration, offering competitive pricing, wi-fi, convenient parking, adjacent to two major LA Freeways, props readily available for your daily IG post, free coffee & tea, plus delicious local eateries within walking distance. Being in the presence of other creatives is motivating and a sure fire way to get things done. Join in!

Shoppe Share includes weekday co-working space, plus 4 hours to meet with clients per month!  

Select from three levels of membership, pick the one that suites you best:

one month for $90

Two months for $70 per month

Four months for only $50 per month

As a member, you are welcomed and encourage to reach out to fellow members for advice, request reviews of your literature,  blog posts, website and generally have a fellow creative to reach out to. Other members will reach out to you in return. Don't go it alone! Count on other members to be your co-workers when you need advice and a pair of second eyes, even on days that you girl boss (or boy boss!) from home, you still have someone to reach out to.


Your membership also includes:    

  • Shared work space on Tuesdays- Friday from 10am-5pm
  • 4 hours of private work space for client meetings or personal office time. May be split up over two days per month (by appointment)

  • Additional rental days are available at the member rate of $15 per hour (by appointment only).

Any above membership gives you an opportunity of 16 co-working days per month and 4 hours of private client meetings. Use a little or use a lot! This opportunity is designed to help my hard working creatives at a price point that no one else offers.


Other special perks include discounts on workshops, reduced rates for additional office hours, featured blog posts, discounts on rentals, special pricing for private events and social media promotions. 

Reserve Your Seat!

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